Kids during a warm up before beginning a Karate class at Troy Black Belt Academy

38 Years of Martial Arts Instruction

Since 1985, the Troy Black Belt Academy has offered karate instruction in the metro-Detroit area. We offer adult karate classes as well as kids karate programs for children of all ages. Whether you are a serious martial artist or a beginner who wants to learn self-defense, get in shape, build self-discipline and confidence, the study of Williams Kenpo Karate is a fun and practical way to improve your life.

Kenpo Karate

Williams Kenpo Karate is not a sport. It is an highly effective martial arts program where practitioners concentrate on skills needed to defend themselves against one or more attackers. The Williams Kenpo style of self-defense teaches learning by doing. It requires hands-on practices of real possible life situations using short, effective defense techniques designed for use regardless of age, size, or gender.

Learn Effective Self-Defence

Our Kenpo techniques are focused on quick easy to learn counter attacks where all defensive movements transition immediately from blocking or neutralizing the attack to offensive counters to help you quickly overcome the threat.

Supervised Karate Instruction

This is not an open training studio with little or no support.  Our Karate training  program is done under direct instructor supervision. The Karate studio has a full compliment of standing Wave Master targets for punching and kicking drills and cardio workouts.  Students hands-on-training is paired with a similar ranked student. Students also practice patterns and combinations which help develop balance, speed, coordination, and integrate techniques in combination which result in a great cardio burn.  Our studio is a low pressure environment with a strong focus on personal development.  Enjoyed by children and adults of all ages.