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Kids Karate / Children's Martial Arts Program

In children’s karate classes, our focus is on helping kids develop a positive, confident outlook. We firmly believe that self-confidence and self-discipline are the most valuable skills we can teach children.

Kids - Age 4-8

4 to 8 Beginner/Intermediate

Students in the Beginner/Intermediate class learn and practice basic skills while learning the fundamentals that will help them become well rounded martial artists. Classes are structured so that all students progress and achieve at their own pace and skill level. Students learn to work alone and in small groups which improves social skills, teamwork, and focus. Students are also introduced to basic fitness, stretching, and exercise. In addition to working with partners, students will also practice their self – defense techniques on assistant instructors and punching bags.

5 to 8 Advanced

After students have demonstrated a good grasp of basic techniques, students are then invited into the advanced classes for this age group. These classes are structured to improve the techniques learned in the previous class while also increasing fitness level and discipline. This class runs at a faster pace, and expectation levels are higher as we try to bring out the best in each student. Sparring is also incorporated 3 – 4 times a week at this level.

Kids - Age 9 +

Students ages 9 and above also have their own class. Because these students are older, their classes are generally more physically demanding. This class contains a good balance of fun, self-defense, and physical fitness.

Some students in this class will also learn the adult Kenpo techniques, depending on skill level. Sparring is much more prevalent in this class as well as an increased amount of bag work.

Students in this class are always partnered up, so that practice is more hands on and practical. Our instructors love helping students develop skills and confidence as they experience the many benefits of karate.